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ralph lauren + richemont group watches

One accessory that a man must never overlook is a timeless, classic time piece which he can wear no matter what his age is. A watch is statement of what kind of person he is. He can be sporty, intelligent, flashy or merely a dickhead. That's why classic watches are good investments no matter how insanely expensive they are because they can stand through time, transcending across generations, linking their pulses as an heirloom passed on.
With that rational, I guess it is safe to say that Ralph Lauren's new collection of time pieces are priced quite reasonably. Ralph Lauren collaborated with the Richemont group, one of the largest fashion conglomerate, in producing a wonderful collection that is surely something worth burning your cash for.

This "sporting" stainless steel watch above with brown alligator strap was produced by RL with IWC and makes use of parts made by Breguet.

Above is the "world time model" with 18k rose gold case and black alligator strap.

The two photos above are the "stirrup" collection with 18k rose gold casing and black or brown alligator straps.

The watch pictured above is my personal favorite, the "slim classique" collection. It reflects elegance and sophistication with a hint of modernity in it. The face shows true craftsmanship with exceptional hand-guilloche work. With a diameter of 42mm, a thickness of merely 5.35mm. The mechanism inside may just be 2.1mm but it is proud to be one of the best in the world. The design is simply orgasmic for me.
As much as I want to buy something from the collection, I am just a simple student still saving my allowance. But I could not explain how much I want that slim classique badly.

photos from 00o00
enjoy the collection display here


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