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Kid Centeno
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i'm loving the fact that i'm thin.

no, i am not the annorexic guy you think i am. as much as i am concerned about my weight and size, i actually devour food almost all the time. with all the accessible food establishments in the metro, who could resist the sweet temptation of a double chesseburger, a hot white chocolate mocha, a dish of steaming salisbury steak or even just a sizzling plate of pork sisig? life is full of good tasting food and a nibble of everything won't strain my 24-inch waist.

i am one of those sweet bitches who dream of destroying people's lives but fail to do so because of their natural kindness. one of those skinny men who are burdened by the fact that it's hard to find the perfect pants that would flatter their exquisite figure. and one of those people who believe that tyra will never be oprah and that anna wintour is the perfect boss.

Like majority of online journals, mine is just a product of boredom due to the long and stagnant summer of 2008. Besides, I've been coming up with various thoughts lately and I have no outlet for them. We don't want great ideas to rot, right?