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Oh, Old Friend...


I miss you, my friend. You have been one of the greatest and truest friends I ever had. Though I know how much you bitched me before (well, I bitched you back, just so you know :P), we've forgiven all our wrongs to each other because we've matured and grown together. Napansin mo ba 'yun? From our old grade school relationship which was totally pathetic to our rocky high school friendship to the love we shared up to college and up to now even if you're halfway around the world.

I miss those times we had sa Mcdo with Tek and Nathan. We just used to talk about anything and anyone without thinking of the problems we had in life. Miss ko na rin working with you. Remember how we had fun working as heads sa Decors Com? :)

We've experienced so much both happy and not so happy moments.

We've had lots of memories together which I will treasure forever.

We've shared lots of laughs and liters of tears which I will never give up for anything.

Alam ko minsan I can be quite evil. But you know what? I am able to show that dark side of me sa yo because I know you will understand me. And even if you really can't understand me, I know you will still try, That's why I'm all comfortable when I'm with you. That's why I am so thankful to have you as a friend.

Anyway, I really wish you a happy birthday. Take care of yourself, magpapayat ka nang bonggang-bongga!! And if ever you need someone to talk to be it about love or sex or problems or simply the new arrivals at urban outfitters, I'm all here for you. No matter what, babe. :)

I love you.

Happy birthday!


so old photo!!!


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OMG. So true. We've been to so much, both heaven and hell. And, I'd never undo those experiences. Those memories shaped us and I'm happy they all happened.

SUPER, ang tanda ng photo. I feel so much more beautiful na after seeing my old self. HAHA CHOS.

Seriously though, thank you for sharing something as honest and deep as this. I've always considered you as one close, super real, and amazingly talented friend. So, I'm happy we're on the same page, except with the amazingly talented part, booze lang ang talent ko. HAHAHAHA

By the way, thank you for the message. You don't know how much I appreciate it especially now tham I'm thousands of miles away, its very heart-warming. It alleviates than subtle feeling of loneliness. Thank you again.

Love, Mikee

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