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The Best Birthday Surprise Ever
july 7, my birthday, was awful. it was terribly plain like any common gray day plus the rain. i just went to class, and as expected, fewer people remembered it was my birthday. only my real close friends and some new ones remembered to greet me (though they're still quite a lot). my boyfriend, and i were suppose to go out that night and eat persian cuisine. sadly, his long day exhausted him and he had to stay home and review for his NCM exam the following day. and being the good partner that i am, i said that everything's ok and that his reason was valid enough to warrant some understanding. so i simply went home after classes as i had nothing planned for the night.
as much as i understood why he failed to show up on my brithday, i still felt sad for not feeling special during my special day. so i brushed through dinner and sulked in bed right after. all the time i was texting with my boyfriend's best friend. she was trying to cheer me up which i appreciated so much. and i love her. and at that time, my boyfriend was busy studying fgr his prelims. he would call every once in a while to check me up.
then, before the night ended, he called. knowing that i had no classes on wednesdays, he asked me to stay home and rest the whole day. that was a bit dubious to me. why the hell would my boyfriend forbid me from going out after my boring birthday? but i said yes and promised i'd stay home. and i did. and expected him to be texting or calling me ever so often so i won't feel lonely at home since all my other family members were out. but i got few text messages, a few calls in the afternoon. and that's all. and that quite pissed me off. now, are you asking why we're still boyfriends? haha!!
at around 630pm, i was getting furious. he got dismissed at 5, he should have been home at around 6. but still no calls. so i called his house. i got an answer from his cousin who said he still wasn't home. sorry, but his cousin was such a lousy actor. now, i was enraged. i kept walking around the house trying to think of what's happening. his bestfriend was not replying to my messages. he wasn't answering my calls. i was getting frustrated and things were running in my head like crazy.
finally, at 8pm, his bestfriend sent me a message saying "kid, pumunta ka sa park (our subdivision's park) and wear something presentable. now na." shocked, i tried asking her what's happening but she wouldn't say. so i threw on my favorite pair of skinny jeans, a jacket over my home shirt, and flipflops. i went to the park with anxiety of what's waiting for me there.
when i arrived at the place, i was surprised to see a familiar silhouette of a boy in a shirt and jeans with a cap on his head sitting on a bench. it was my boyfriend. and before i got the chance to shout at him, i was overwhelmed with a smile i failed to surpress. i sat beside him, he smiled and handed me a paper bag with a box wonderfully wrapped in a red mesh. he requested me to open it later. he grabbed my hand, pulled me up, and said "let's go."
that was totally out of plans. i had no plan at all. i wasn't able to ask permission from my family to go out.
but he was persistent. he kept pulling me and my feet followed. and i said to myself "bahala na."
we got in a taxi and headed to an american pizza parlor in QC. of course he bought dinner for both of us: cheesy pizza and charlie chan pasta. as we were waiting for our order to arrive, he revealed every secret, every white lie to me. everything that happened since my birthday was planned. from me getting sad to staying home the whole day on a wednesday to his scarce text messages to me getting pissed off. it was all planned. just so he can prepare for a special night with no interruptions whatsoever. and to top it off, he was in league with his bestfriend. but i felt really special.
and i felt just how much he loves me.
i opened the gift he gave me. in it i found a chocolate cake. it was awesome. i've been abstaining from chocolate cake for like forever. it was pure heaven. but he doesn't run out of surprises. underneath the cake was an envelope with his letter for me. i read it and i was all kilig about it. haha! and after reading his note, he pulled out a beautiful box from his pocket and handed it to me. it was his real gift. i opened it and found the sweetest thing ever. and i'm not going to tell for it is only for me to relish and savor. haha!
when it got late already, he dropped me home. though we hated to part that perfect night, we had to. we both have busy lives to live. but i will never forget that night. and i will never forget how much he made me happy.
i kissed him and thought i'm so lucky to have this man.
i fell in love with my boyfriend when he was still courting me. and i fell in love with him again that night.

thank you, babe.
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and i'm not going to tell for it is only for me to relish and savor. haha!


Awww Kid. I'm glad you're okay na. I'm soooo happy for you! Happy Birthday again! :))

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